The Big 5 unresolved issues in PV Practice

When (and when not) to use Participatory Video

  • When shouldn’t you use PV?
  • What is PV for?
  • What theories of change underpin PV practice?
  • What are the longer-run effects of participatory video processes?

Monitoring & Evaluation of Participatory Video

  • What are good ways of keeping track of what’s going on in a PV process?
  • How can we understand the long-term impacts and outcomes of participatory video processes and to what extent can/should they be disentangled from other contributing factors?
  • How can one keep an eye on outcomes?
  • There are a wide range of participatory and non-participatory MEAL techniques available for use by participatory video practitioners, so what are the examples of projects that have applied a rigorous MEAL framework to the process and its outcomes?
  • What are the likely implications for not sufficiently evaluating the impacts and outcomes of participatory video processes?

Ownership & Control

  • How can the rhetoric of participant ownership of media become a reality?
  • How can community and individual ownership of contributions be reconciled?
  • How can long-term control be established for participants (owners) beyond sharing organisational/personal contact details for those in position of ‘guardians’ of that content?


  • How can the aspirations of participants after a project be supported (in particular in relation to more work of this kind)
  • How is a PV practice resourced and supported (organisational forms, funding, community animation etc.)?
  • How can we sustain a living, functioning international community of practitioners?

Participant recruitment and selection

  • Who participates?
  • When is it appropriate to focus on particular groups and exclude others?
  • How to extend opportunities for participation to the most marginalised, the truly unheard voices within a community?
  • How to convene a group that is genuinely ‘representative’ of the wider community.  Is it enough to look for groups that reflects the ethnic, age, experience, gender, education, socio-economic, physical/social abilities etc. of that community?

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