Reflection on Gathering 4: Building resilience

by Chris High, Lecturer in Engineering and Innovation at Open University

He is particularly interested in the application of technologies such as participatory video to facilitating social learning.


Another great web gathering too place on 9 December 2014 and gave us an opportunity to explore PV practice in two projects.  It was a whirlwind tour, with Fernanda Baumhardt of Proplaneta taking us to meet the Maasai in Tanzania (passing through Switzerland), and Nick Lunch of InsightShare taking us to the COP15 climate change talks and beyond with a group of indigenous film-makers (passing through pretty much everywhere).  To catch up with the webinar, click here to watch it…

Climate change combines both a huge amount of scientific and technical information about the world we all live in and an impassioned political debate.  Working in the field to create resilience can vary from trying to improve the opportunities for communities to get the kind of information they need when they need it, to creating opportunities for advocacy and the sharing of voices and views that are all too easily left out of the debates about what to do.

The two case studies were fascinating and highlighted a number of issues around working with PV. Nick and Fernanda gave a good account of how the two projects they were involved in brought together diverse communities, within and around the process of making and sharing video.  The two initiatives operated at quite different scales in terms of budget, project time and complexity, and the breakout sessions gave an opportunity for web gathering participants to drill into the detail of the projects.

Some highlights for me:

  • The way we got to see some of the detail of both projects – how they worked behind the scenes and the frustrations and challenges as well as the successes.
  • The importance of process in the translation of knowledge between different communities.
  • How not to go nuts as a facilitator.
  • Details of practice like the Go-Pro camera as a third eye, or the time spent as a group in Copenhagen to build solidarity.

Click here to watch the Q&A session with Fernanda.
Click here to watch the Q&A session with Nick.

All in all its set a high bar for the next field trip that will focus on PV for advocacy on the 28th of January, and I hope you’ll join us there.  Click here to sign up now and ensure you will receive more information about the content.


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