Gathering 4: PV for climate change adaptation and mitigation


Web Gathering 9 December
15.00 GMT
Click here to watch the recording
Click here to read a blog post about the gathering

To provide an antidote to the current round of climate talks, UNFCCC in Lima (COP20), we presented an inspiring web gathering focussed on community-led action.

How can participatory video be used to support communities to mitigate negative impacts from climatic changes and adapt to the unavoidable consequences?

Fernanda Baumhardt, director and founder of Proplaneta, presented an innovative case study that enabled a Maasai community in Simanjiro, Tanzania, to craft a strong message about their need for reliable and timely climate information to prepare their livelihoods before droughts, heavy rains and floods occur. The project also managed to ‘connect the dots’ by collecting promising responses from a range of higher level actors, such as researchers and government representatives. Click here to watch the video. The process was undertaken under the umbrella of the Global Framework for Climate Services, an international
 partnership that aims to “fast-track” the establishment of climate services in developing countries.

In addition, InsightShare’s director Nick Lunch talked about how participatory video supports indigenous stewards of biodiversity to amplify their voices in the climate debate, and bring forth community-based solutions to inspire local action and strengthen resilience. He drew on inspiring case studies from the Conversations with the Earth (CWE) programme in Kenya (Maasai Hub), Philippines (Igorot Hub) and Peru (Quechua and Aymara Andes Hub). He also shared the story of how videos from the different indigenous communities that are involved in this programme were translated and dubbed into local languages and screened during community gatherings. The aim of this challenging logistical undertaking was to facilitate an exchange of experiences between communities effected by climate change around the world. Click here to watch videos from the CWE programme and click here to read more about the community screening events.


During the session the audience was invited to delve deeper into the case studies presented. Click here to watch the Q&A session with Fernanda and click here to watch the Q&A session with Nick. Click here to continue the discussions on the C4D platform.


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