Gathering 3: Capacity building for PV

web gathering 3


Web Gathering 24 October
12.00 GMT(13.00 British Summer Time)
Click here to watch the recording
Click here to read our latest blog post about this web gathering

Within the PV practitioners community, most of us find it easy to imagine the potential of building capacity locally so that people can facilitate their own projects.

But how can we avoid raising false hopes and expectations?
How can we build upon the initial enthusiasm of participants after a promising pilot, to transition into a longer-term, sustainable PV programme?

By watching the recording of the latest next web gathering of the Better PV Practice Series you will have a chance to learn from the challenges and success stories of two large-scale PV programmes.

During the gathering Dr Jay Mistry from Royal Holloway University, who has been leading project COBRA, shared the experiences of  the indigenous researchers in Guyana who work to support their community members to discuss the challenges that they are facing; identify and record solutions to these challenges and share their findings with other communities.

Through a video containing pre-recorded interviews we also heard from several of InsightShare’s trainees from Cameroon, the Philippines and South Africa – who shared their story of how they became PV facilitators, how they learned to adapt PV to the needs and wishes of their community members and what challenges they faced in sustaining their PV work. In addition, InsightShare’s Director Chris Lunch talked about what we have learned from these experiences and how they have helped to develop InsightShare’s capacity building model.

After these stories from around the world, all attendees were invited to join one of the two break-out groups to delve deeper into the key challenges. The main recording (that can be accessed here) contains the one of the discussions. For the second discussion, you can access the recording of the break-out group here.

Click here to continue the discussions become part of the Participatory Video group on the C4D platform and visit the group’s forum:

Click here to watch the recording
Click here to read our latest blog post about this web gathering


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