Gathering 2: Our first virtual field trip to PV projects in India

Our latest virtual field trip took us on a journey to explore participatory video practice and experiences in India.  The web gathering was hosted by Chris High and Gareth Benest live from the International Association of Media and Communications Research Conference in Hyderabad.

If you missed this wonderful journey, click here to watch a 5 minute summary video, click here to read a blog post that describes the journey or click here to watch the full recording.

PV Tools - Storyboard_2


Better PV Practice is a series of webinars on Participatory Video (PV) co-organised by Open University (UK), InsightShare, Web Gathering and Open Cinema between May 2014 and January 2015. This blog will disseminate information about these events including announcements, proceedings, audio-visual material and reports.

The webinars are part of an initiative of the collaborating institutions to support and facilitate international networking and engagement with PV practitioners working with marginalised groups in the Global North and South as activists, facilitators and grass-roots development workers.

This collaborative process of these four institutions, their combined expertise on research and practice in both participatory video and information technology, and a rich set of encounters of researchers, activists and development workers will finally lead to an open source training curriculum and learning resources on PV practice.


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