Gathering 1: Direction from PV practitioners and enthusiasts world-wide

This is the launch event of a series of webinars focusing on participatory video. The “Better PV Practice” series features leading practitioners in the field and gathers experts and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Aim of the initiative, co-organized by Open University (UK), InsightShare, Web Gathering and Open Cinema between May 2014 and January 2015, is to pool ideas and experiences and address questions affecting the practice of PV today in order to develop and improve the use of PV, facilitate international networking and engagement with PV practitioners, and spread the use of PV as a tool for development.

In this first web gathering of the series the organisers collaborated with 20 UK-based PV Practitioners to start the journey by posing several key questions concerning the essence of PV practice: What is PV today? What is PV for? Where is PV going? and What are the main challenges PV is facing today? An online audience consisting of 90 people from 20 different countries joined the debate.


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