Better PV Practice Resources

These resources have been collected in order to help a PV practitioner in a variety of different ways. Some focus more explicitly on issues facing a PV project, whilst others have a greater emphasis on film-making grammar and techniques. All of these resources have been used or created by experienced PV practitioners and they have found them useful. We hope you do too.

Videomaker articles and tutorials

These resources are focused on film-making practice and are loosely organised in the three stages of film production, ranging from documentary storytelling approaches to handling camera, sound and lighting kit, through to editing advice. See: for more articles and videos.

Click here to download the Video Maker articles and film-making tutorials


Relevant music can really enhance a project and this music collection is meant to be a first step in finding the right soundtrack for your film. Credit must be given to the composer and the attached excel document gives precise details on individual tracks.

There is an wide collection of music and sound effects freely available on the web, especially for non-commercial use, and still more for a small fee. They often follow Creative Commons criteria for licensing. For more about this:

Collections of graphics, photographic stills and fonts are available, with similar stipulations on their usage.

Click here to download music 

Insightshare resources

Insightshare have a comprehensive list of PV-related resources including booklets, articles and video case studies, which are all held on their website and are being updated all the time. This collection of resources focuses on their work which uses video as a tool with groups of people to promote social justice and locally-led change.

The three toolkits are an invaluable place for the PV practitioner to begin, with numerous case studies, demonstration videos, articles and resources also included.

Click here to download InsightShare’s Resources

Become a participatory video facilitator

You are welcomed to join InsightShare’s intensive and rigorous 6-day course for those keen to practice and deepen facilitation skills while learning the basics of participatory video.

In March, 2016 we will host the 26th edition of this training course that we have been running since 2005. The course will run from the 29th of February to the 5th of March. We hope you can join us!

You can find out more about the course here or get in touch with us at – we would love to hear from you.

Open University open-source video and production resources

As part of an online digital film-making course Chris High and Rick Goldsmith (from Catcher Media) co-authored for the Open University, they produced a set of film-making videos and production resources. These resources were made with one-person or small crew film-making teams in mind and are ideally suited for any PV practitioner. Click here to download the resources.

Videos on OU Learn YouTube Channel playlist

These videos focus on the logistical, technical and creative considerations of film-making, and include tutorials with professional film-makers, many of whom have PV experience. The production resources are collected into the three stages of film production, with an extra set of PV training workshop activities and resources.

Participatory Media Resources: Recommended Reading

Tamara Plush has put a list of reading materials about participatory media for her students and had kindly allowed us to include it here. It features suggestions for required and general reading about participatory media, PV, PV in research, community radio, communication for development, digital storytelling, online participatory platforms and photovoice. Please follow this link to download the list for free.

Click here to download a list of Open Cinema’s ‘Helpful Websites’ 

Catcher Media Case Studies and Resources Booklet

Catcher Media have shared set of case studies which all used participatory video techniques to enable groups (in may cases, young people) to discuss issues of importance to them, and to produce creative and genre-aware films which challenge and engage their audiences.

Also included is an easy-to-use 52 page film-making resource pack which collects the necessary production templates (e.g. shot-list, storyboards, edit workflow) and film-making tips for a PV production – click here to download.

(The resources are licensed under Creative Commons)

Click here to download Catcher Media resources

Cobra Resources

Project COBRA used PV techniques extensively, and the main aim of this handbook is to promote community owned solutions by proposing approaches that respond to current and future challenges to sustainability, natural resources management and biodiversity conservation. The handbook introduces key concepts and techniques which underpin a participatory and systems approach to community engagement.


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